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Monday, July 4, 2011

My Thanks to An Unknown Soldier

Growing up, I always knew my Grandpa Boger was a WWII Purple Heart recipient, but I didn't really give it much thought or know the story behind it because he never talked about his time overseas.  He is now 88 years old and in the last couple of years, he's started telling some of his stories from the war.  My dad told me the story behind Kenny Boger's Purple Heart and to this day, it's the most awesome story I've ever heard.

After being shot twice in battle, Kenny Boger was unconscious & assumed dead.  He was thrown into a pile of bodies of other soldiers killed during the action.  Somehow, amid the chaos & confusion, another soldier happened to see Grandpa's chest moving up and down and pulled him to safety.  They got him to the hospital, where President Eisenhower happened to be visiting during Grandpa's recovery.  Eisenhower sat down at Grandpa's bedside and said, "How would you like to go home, Soldier?" He explained that there was a military flight leaving for the States, but it was pretty full so he'd probably have to sit on the floor of the plane.  Not really caring WHERE he had to sit, Grandpa told the president that yes, he'd love to go home.

He did go home to his beautiful Jane, where they raised three children on the west side of Indianapolis. 

So on this Fourth of July, I'd like to thank a soldier whose name I don't know, but without his courageous actions on another continent, a bunch of people in my family wouldn't be here today.

Thanks to you and all of the other unnamed men & women who have sacrificed life & limb for the rest of us.

Jessica Boger Cabiness

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  1. Your other grandpa was also in that war, and he used to tell me stories of WWII in the last couple of years of his life. One night, he was standing watch and reported another ship coming on a collision course with his ship. Whoever was in charge kept saying he couldn't see anything, and therefore did not change course. Dad said at the last minute, he wrapped his arms and legs around the railings so he wouldn't be thrown overboard in the collision. Afterwards, they wanted to know why he hadn't said anything about the other ship, and ended up blaming him for the accident!