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Thursday, January 28, 2010

This week's stuff...

Today, Audra is 3 months old:) Time really does fly- she is growing like crazy and is the cutest little girl ever! She's a happy girl & smiles or giggles whenever we talk to her. She is fascinated by Ian and just watches him with wide eyes. Although, she doesn't yet know she's supposed to be mad when he takes her stuff.

Speaking of Ian, he is now 21-months and his rate of learning continues to amaze me every day. We've been working on his letters for a few weeks now, and he recognizes about 10 of them by sight & even knows what sound they make. Yesterday at Meijer, he saw the "m" and said "M. Mama". He knows the basic colors & pointed to a case of grape soda and said "purple". He knows his body parts & learns about 2-3 new words per day. Phrases are coming along too- he says "we go bye-bye" and "go night-night". I work with him a lot during the day, but I try to keep it fun so it doesn't seem like a chore to him & he seems to enjoy it. He loves it when I clap for him & make a big deal out of it when he gets something right:) I was never a confident kid, but I want to make sure mine are so I am constantly praising accomplishments, big or small. Now, if I could just get him to obey "no" on a regular basis....

Other big news this week- The Colts are going to the Super Bowl again! It's always great to see your hometown team do well, especially when members of another hometown team always seem to be getting arrested for gun-related incidents...I haven't cared about the Pacers or the NBA since the Reggie Miller days. Go Colts- bring Indy another trophy!!! Here is Peyton's monologue from SNL a few years ago...very funny!

WOOOHOOOOO....and speaking of the Super Bowl, I just went out to get the mail, and the New Orleans Saints are on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated. Not sounding good for them...I'm not sure of the exact stats, but well, you know.

With the NFL season coming to an end, I always have to brace myself for Andy's "winter depression" with football over and baseball not starting until April. Luckily, he'll have the Winter Olympics for a couple of weeks to distract him. He is quite stoked about the 24-hour Curling channel. I know, I know....don't get me started on that.

The Weekly Favorites:
  • Quote: "Satan exaggerates your importance. The Spirit minimizes it." Unknown
  • Website: www.stumbleupon.com
  • Moment of disbelief: The well-over-65 woman at Meijer yesterday who had on tight brown leather pants and 3-inch heels.
  • Kid moment: Ian was watching The Wiggles the other day and tried to imitate Irish step dancing. Mamo Kathy was SO proud:)
  • Eye Roll: Tim Tebow & his heroic mother getting dissed by feminists.
  • Random funny: Me having to explain to my mom what a blog is. Love ya mom:)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, here we go!

I've never done a blog before. I don't consider myself a good "writer" of long-winded creative stories, per se, but I'm very good at blurting out witty randomness. So........random thoughts, ideas, opinions and observations are pretty much what this blog is going to consist of:) I may even post the occasional rant about some sort of petty injustice:)

Just for discipline's sake, I'm going to try to post at least once per week, or maybe more often if something interesting happens.