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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Better Homes &.....Medications?

Oh, the joy of having ADD. I really wish I could be on medication, but not until I'm done breastfeeding. So until then, I have to live with the little occurrences like the one today while making Ian's lunch. And hey, I've been thinking about adding recipes to my blog once in a while anyway, so here ya go.

Jessica's ADD Grilled Cheese
You will need the following:
- 2 slices of bread
- 1 slice of cheese (American, Swiss, Muenster....whatever appeals to you)
- Spray margarine (I like it because it's fat-free and doesn't tear the hell out of the bread)
-Skillet & spatula
-Various diversions (nothing elaborate...it doesn't take much)

- Spray your margarine on each piece of bread
- Place on heated skillet w/ cheese in between
- Cook for 2-3 minut......
- OMG....Ian is waving out the window to the Mexican guys in our front yard spreading mulch & they are making faces at him. Too funny- I have to put that as my FB status!!!
- Go to computer, update FB status
- I'd better update Twitter as well....some people don't read both.
- And I should send the grandparents an e-mail too, because none of them are very FB or Twitter savvy, but they love hearing this kind of stuff.
- Oh....and while I'm thinking about it, the DVR didn't record The Sopranos yesterday- I need to check to see if it's going to record today.
- (Scrolling thru list of recorded shows) Man, we have like 40 episodes of Friends. HAH...I love the one at the beach when Chandler has to pee on Monica after she gets stung by a jellyfish!
- (Back to computer) Ok...one of my FB friends has taken a pic of himself at the dentist with the Nitrous Oxide mask on before getting his wisdom teeth out. He looks like Hannibal Lechter, so I obligingly ask him when will the lambs stop screaming...
- Oooh...I have 16 new Tweets on Twitter....scroll, scroll, scroll....nothing extremely funny or important...
- Sniff, sniff, sniff....what is that smell?? ACK!!!! The grilled cheese!!!! I'm sorry....I tried everything, but it just couldn't be saved.
- Start the process over, and will yourself not to leave the immediate stove area until the sandwich is finished and on a plate:)

Welcome to the inside of my head...it's unorganized & hard to navigate, but it's never boring!

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